Send Easy Digital Downloads Transactions to Wave Apps without Zapier

I wrote a little WordPress plugin that connects Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) to Wave Apps bookkeeping using the Wave GraphQL API. If you are accepting Stripe payments using EDD’s Stripe extension or PayPal Payments using EDD’s PayPal Commerce Pro, this EDD extension will automatically move bookkeeping data into your Wave Apps transactions using Wave’s GraphQL API. It saves a ton of data-entry, and picks up where a free Zapier account leaves off.

In the plugin settings panel, you start by entering your Wave “full access token.” Get a token by creating an application in the Wave Apps developer portal. Once saved, this token allows the plugin to query its associated businesses. Choose your business (most cases there will only be one), and click save again. Now you can map your payment accounts and your download products to those matching in your Wave Chart of Accounts. Discounts and fees currently only go a Wave account you’ve set up to handle discounts or fees. If you’d like to see taxes, discounts, and fees developed out further to be more discriminating, get in touch or make a pull request.

I know what you’re thinking… You’re smart! Yes, it might be difficult to trust a third-party plugin with financial data. Sagehen Studio does not receive or transmit any (literally zero) of your data, sensitive or not. We don’t even know you’re using it unless you tell us (so drop a line)! Anyway, this plugin is very small, so it wouldn’t take very long to sift through the code and realize it’s only doing what it says it does: send transaction numbers via HTTP through a secure connection with Wave. And it does it for free.