Can AI Take Over Building WordPress Plugins?

Can artificial intelligence engines replace WordPress developers?

Sure, maybe it could, but then who would share and support the plugins, and how would regular folks know where to turn when things veer off target? 😉 Beyond that, you wouldn’t get to email your lovely customer support rep and get personal attention, or even trust the attention was “personalized.”

I’ve been wondering about the impact artificial intelligence will have on experienced WordPress developers like myself, given I already deal with quite a bit of shade from folks who doubt my skills. Often people mistake me for my own “secretary,” not the developer I am. Some people throw shade obliquely by advertising their services as WordPress developers when in fact they are WordPress administrators/users — and cannot write or understand code, or only do it on a basic level. Developers are fluent in at least one programming language, period. Other people inadvertently throw shade and often sabotage themselves by hiring these people and others who charge much less than skilled developers, and barely eke out an acceptable product. I’m looking at you, Fiverr clients.

I’m not the only one concerned about this disturbing market trend, and I’m not ashamed to complain about it myself once in a while. I’ve worked very hard to learn several programming languages, and I add to my knowledge about the Web nearly every day. The threat of being overpowered by imposters is compounded by the threat of being overpowered by AI. When I hear that AI often writes elegant code solutions, my interest is totally piqued! But evidently, these machines still need to be paired with developers for code review to make sure projects stay safe and on target. And because of this, I’m hoping that more WordPress users shopping for coding help realize that cheap help should be paired with actual developer help for code review. Scrimping on WordPress projects can set a site up for slow speeds, bugs, security holes, and unpredictable functioning. I remain optimistic that this AI development will cause a reckoning for the most scrupulous people out there.

You know why I’m not worried? It’s because there are still great folks out there who understand the value of a human touch. They pay a little more for better product, and understand real value. (Value isn’t the price, it’s the product/service.) I’m looking at you! Thanks so much, customers!

Trying out AI (Bard)

Anyway, I took Google Bard for a spin today to write a sales pitch for “the best PDF watermarking plugin for WordPress.” I’ve edited it very slightly. Here goes:

The WooStamper PDF plugin is the best way to protect your PDF files and ensure that they are only accessed by authorized users. With this WordPress plugin, you can watermark your PDFs with customer contact information, or any other text that you want to display. You can also password protect your PDFs, so that only authorized users can open and/or edit them.

The WooStamper plugin is easy to use and requires no coding or design experience. Simply upload your PDFs to your WordPress site and then use the plugin to watermark and password protect them. The plugin will automatically generate a watermarked and/or password protected PDF for each file that you upload.

The WooStamper plugin is a powerful tool that can help you protect your PDFs and ensure that they are only accessed by authorized users. If you are looking for a way to watermark and password protect your PDFs, then WooStamper is the perfect solution for you.

Here are some of the benefits of using the WooStamper plugin:

  • Protect your PDFs from unauthorized access. The Watermark WordPress Files plugin allows you to watermark your PDFs with your logo, contact information, or any other text that you want to display. This makes it difficult for unauthorized users to access your PDFs.
  • Prevent unauthorized downloads. The Watermark WordPress Files plugin allows you to password protect your PDFs. This means that only authorized users will be able to download your PDFs.
  • Increase brand awareness. Watermarking your PDFs with your logo or contact information can help to increase brand awareness. When people see your watermark on a PDF, they will be reminded of your brand.
  • Improve customer satisfaction. By providing your customers with password protected PDFs, you can improve customer satisfaction. This is because your customers will be able to download your PDFs without having to worry about unauthorized access.

If you are looking for a way to protect your PDFs and ensure that they are only accessed by authorized users, then the WooStamper is the perfect solution for you.

Wow. Redundant much? I actually wonder if this post damage my SEO by repeating key terms so much! But there you have it: a big garbage in garbage out machine! I know that were I to feed it more data and a better query, I could get somewhat more detailed and human-sounding text, but this was just a quick and dirty test. Could AI write documentation? Sure, but again: garbage in, garbage out. Could AI respond to support requests? Sure, but again: same, garbage in, garbage out. I expect that AI is more likely to speed our slide into another dark age than anything as humans rely more and more on junk information, and become less and less able to tell where information came from. This could be an entertaining show/battle to watch! ????????