EDD Stripe v3.0 Sticks it to Ya

Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) seems to be going the route of Freemius, etc., where you can use their open source plugin(s), but not without significant overhead. Except Freemius isn’t open source. 🤷‍♀️ With only a small share of the WP users needing file management plugins using their plugin and not a competitor’s, it’s a surprising move.

Stripe Gets Pricey

If you’re not paying for their annual license, or let your license term lapse, and wish to take payments with Stripe, you’re going to pay Stripe fees, plus a 3% “application fee” which EDD funnels off your sale. This fee used to be 2% until v.3.0. Now 3% — that’s significant!

With version 3.0 of EDD Stripe, EDD moved their entire Stripe integration over to Stripe Connect, which means all the sales on your private site go through Easy Digital Downloads Connect account first. Years ago the plugin used Stripe Charge API, then moved to Payments. Now this. There’s no going back. Your EDD Stripe plugin must be licensed ($$$) or you will be paying ~ 6% on every transaction.

But there’s a pretty simple way around all this if you have the plugin pre-version 3.0 … Version was 2.9.6 the latest before the jump. Add the following PHP code to your child theme functions.php file or add it using a plugin like WP Code Snippets (front and back end).

function edds_pro_edit_intent_args( $intent_args ) {
    if ( isset( $intent_args['application_fee_amount'] ) ) {
		    unset( $intent_args['application_fee_amount'] );
	  return $intent_args;
add_filter( 'edds_create_payment_intent_args', 'edds_pro_edit_intent_args', 99, 1 );
add_filter( 'edds_create_setup_intent_args', 'edds_pro_edit_intent_args', 99, 1 );

add_filter( 'edds_show_stripe_connect_fee_message', '__return_false' );

If you’re using the Stripe gateway plugin version 3.0 or newer, you’ll want to take a look at the has_application_fee() method in Src/Gateways/Stripe/ApplicationFees.php … and see how they’ve got it all wrapped up tight now. ⛓️ There are no filter hooks that can be used to wiggle out of that 3% fee. However, that method can be edited to get where you need. And would have to be edited again with every plugin update.

If you’d like the help of a developer for this issue, please get in touch.