In June 2016 during the first website redesign for Lone Pine Communications (LPC), I designed a new logo for the client, who loves it enough to have put it on hats, shirts, and trucks that drive around town. I was trying to capture a lone pine tree in front of Lone Pine Peak, and the sense of “signal” and “communication.” They surprised me by telling me it looks like an upside-down “wifi” logo — something I hadn’t noticed! (see more below)

This year, LPC wanted a website update, and so we added video and parallax to the homepage to make it feel more modern and media-rich. A challenge was working 30MB video down to a presentable size.

Another deeper feature of this site is the online “service signup,” another very dynamic Gravity forms integration, using hooks and JavaScript/jQuery to drill down whether an applicant is eligible for certain services based on their street address. It also collects customer signatures on waivers, and prints the entire signup to PDFs which are sent to the new customer and LPC for their records.

Logo design

Early scratch work. This was one of four avenues initially presented to LPC:

lone pine communications logo prototypes

It might seem obvious to include a “Lone Pine” in a logo for Lone Pine Communcations, but I took the pine, Lone Pine peak (so prominent from the town of Lone Pine many people believe it to be Mt. Whitney – the tallest peak in the lower 48), and the sky above, with bands to simulate communication waves. The client liked this, but we needed to work on color.

The client chose the blue circular blue logo bottom right, and uses it. Also shown are some variants from the final set, and a black and white option for print.

lpc logo